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I hope this information sheds some clarity on my shaving soap formulae. The Primus base is a name which I have given to my current tallow and vegan formulas. I'm working on arranging the site to reflect these groupings. Each soap's description will contain a reference to what base is used. 


These are the primordial formulae which I developed. The vegan formula preceded the tallow base. But the two bases are related. They are complex formulas. I wanted to push the limits of what I think is possible by using diverse ingredients. Some of these ingredients are not frequently used in shaving soaps such Cupuacu butter and Acacia Senegal gum.

The scents which I create for these formulae are rich, complex and strong. Some of the scents are modeled after niche or indie fragrances I come across and some are my own creations. I compose the scents from various essential oils and aroma chemicals used in the fragrance industry.

Duck fat is the primary fatty acid in this base. All the scents I design for this base are gourmand.

This base is an homage to the classic Italian soaps. A tallow only base, with large amounts of cupuacu butter and coconut oil. My objective for this base is to create a soap with a high degree of cushion. This base is visibly denser than all my other soaps and can handle an extraordinary amount of water. This base contains the least number of ingredients compared to my other formulas.

This base will be available in two versions: beef+lamb tallows and a vegan base. It will exclusively feature scents that are only made from essential oils, absolutes and natural resins. The scents are milder and somewhat traditional compared to my other scents.

Special Editions
These soaps will be limited editions using ingredients that I don’t usually use or not limited edition but combine ingredients from the above formulae.