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Grooming Dept Moisturizing Preshave

How it works

People think of moisturizing as something that you do after a shave. And moisturizing after a shave is important. But why let dryness occur in the first place? Moisturizing the face before shaving provides important benefits. Water is the predominant component of skin, and as anybody who showers before shaving understands, it also softens the beard.

Grooming Dept. moisturizing preshave takes hydration to a different plane. Containing a scientifically formulated balance of plant oils and naturally derived ingredients to aid absorption, it not only softens the beard, but softens and hydrates the face. Unlike ordinary shave oils which merely create a barrier, our preshave enhances slickness, glide, and boosts the volume of the lather. Your razor moves smoothly, removing whiskers without effort. The ingredients absorb fully, leaving the skin plumper and softer post-shave as well, for a difference you will appreciate all day.

Try it! Your skin will thank you each time you shave.

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