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In The Works

After coming soon! These scents are all composed, I just need to make the soaps :) 


Astral - Tallow + Duck
Aether - Tallow + Duck
Eau Sacrée - Lusso
Sandalwood & Black Pepper - Janus Vegan
Lavender - Janus Vegan
Muguet - Lusso
Mallard Coconut Rum - duck fat
Mallard Praline Cognac - duck fat
Mallard Cinnamon Roll - duck fat
Chypre Peach - Lusso
Dignified - Lusso
Mandarin & Cardamom - Janus Tallow
Bergamot & Ginger (Janus Tallow)
Patchouil and Mint (Janus Tallow)

Codex (Lusso)
Rose Oud (Lusso)
Smoke (Lusso)
Patchouli - Janus Vegan
Neroli Di Bois - Janus Vegan
Colonia Sencha (Janus vegan)
English Lavender (Lusso)
Plum Tobacco (Lusso)
Hinoki (Janus Tallow)
Chypre Magnolia (Lusso)

Fougère Orientale (Lusso)
Foin Coupé (Lusso)
Chypre Aromatique (Lusso)
Beau du Bois (Lusso)
Mallard Rhubarb Sherbet
Mallard Affogato
Mallardy Candy
Aqua Vitali (Janus Vegan)
Fougère (Janus tallow)
Milk & Honey (Donkey Base)
Chypre Printemps (Donkey Base)
Wood (basically Basqiue redone) - Janus Vegan
Absinth and Leather (Lusso)